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We have made it as easy for you to send in your prescription orders and get them back in as little as 2 hours without you having to wait in line at our pharmacy!
If you live within a 10 mile radius of the pharmacy, all shipped orders submitted before 10:00 AM get delivered the same day!

Secure Access To Your Prescriptions

We protect your information by using industry-recommended security tools, ethical privacy processes and strong end-to-end encryption of your data between your browser and our servers.

Easy Orders Submission

Take a picture of your prescription and upload it directly to us, even from your mobile phone.

Detailed User Information

You will access your profile page where you can see your previous orders, your shipments, your payments. You can also use this page to update your profile, change your password, etc.

Detailed List of Transactions

You can access a list of all the prescription orders that were shipped to you since you first registered with this application.

Easy Re-Ordering From Previous Prescriptions

You can see details of all the medications that you have ordered in the past from us and with a quick click or tap, you can easily reorder the same prescription.

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Keep our easy-to-use app at your fingertips to facilitate quicker medications refills.
HRXS Refills works identically on iOS and Android platforms.